Sehat Gold Discount Card




Sehat dat com proudly announces Sehat Gold Discount Card which is unique in it’s kind . It is accepted by Labs and Diagnostics centers, Hospitals, Health clinics, Gym and fitness club, beauty parlors, saloons and also accepted by Hotels, ,restaurants, coffee shop &  more. To view which facilities are on panel of Sehat Gold Card please click on the link below.

Sehat Gold Discount Card has over 100 panels where it is accepted. Card members also avail discount facility of medical equipment purchasing like Blood pressure monitor, Sugar test machine, Glucometer ,Nebulizer ,Wheelchair etc. Sehat Dat Com announced first 500 members for free Sugar test machine and Glucometer.For advanced membership call  0333/0321/0312 .5237356.

Other than above have state of the art facilities for a wide number of medical test and diagnosis, we also supply medical equipment to hospitals and medical laboratories










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